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Listen to the strong voice of the times and strengthen cultural self-confidence.

Culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The people have faith, the country has strength, and the nation has hope. On the occasion of the two sessions, representatives of famous painting and calligraphy artists have offered gifts and suggestions to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation..



Zhang Shuyan, born in Hunan in 1949, graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing University, the Political College of the People's Liberation Army and the University of California, USA, with a PhD. Deputy Secretary-General of China Publishing Promotion Association, Editor-in-Chief of Shuxiang Cross-Straits Magazine, First-Class Artist (Calligraphy) of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, General Manager of Dalongshu (Xiamen) Cultural Media Co., Ltd. He has won the Publishing Taofen Award and the Hundred Excellent Publishers Award for the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China.


提到张叔言 ,许多人都知道他是出版人,曾获得出版韬奋奖和新中国成立六十周年百名优秀出版人奖,但没有人知道他书法造诣。的确,张叔言退休前没操刀过书法,退休后,心想没事干该怎么办,这才想起学书法。然而,不到8年,张叔言的书法却稍有名气,曾代表国家赠书法给斯里兰卡总统、议长,韩国领导人、台湾地区领导人及俄罗斯、蒙古、塔吉克斯坦大使馆、孔子学院、华商总会、交流机构等,并被斯里兰卡佛学院、韬奋纪念馆、佛光山收藏,他还为许多名胜古迹、大型企事业单位、著名商标品牌题写牌匾。去年纪念中国共产党成立95周年,全国集邮总公司为张叔言出版了一套书法邮票纪念册,文联出版社将张叔言的书法作品收集在《人民喜爱的书法家》、《当代中国书法经典百年》、《中华书画传承人物》中,红旗出版社将张叔言的书法作品收集在《中国书法40年》书法集中,为纪念欧阳中石诞生94周年,华夏儒商受文化部指意还让张叔言与欧阳中石于今年出版了一本《艺壇领袖传世佳作》的台历。冰冻三尺非一日之寒,张叔言书法进步快,自然有他的道理。

Referring to Zhang Shuyan, many people know that he is a publisher. He has won the Publishing Taofen Award and the Hundred Excellent Publishers Award for the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, but no one knows his calligraphy accomplishments. Indeed, Zhang Shuyan did not use a knife before he retired. After he retired, he thought about what to do when he had nothing to do. This reminded him of learning calligraphy. However, in less than eight years, Zhang Shuyan's calligraphy was slightly well-known. On behalf of the country, he presented calligraphy to Sri Lanka's President and Speaker of Parliament, Korean leaders, Taiwanese leaders and Russian, Mongolian, Tajikistan Embassies, Confucius Institutes, Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Exchange Institutions. He was also given calligraphy by Sri Lanka Buddhist Academy and Taofen Memorial Hall. Foguangshan Collection. He also inscribes plaques for many places of interest, large enterprises and institutions, and famous trademark brands. Last year, in commemoration of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the National Philatelic Corporation published a set of commemorative booklets of calligraphy stamps for Zhang Shuyan. Wenlian Publishing House collected Zhang Shuyan's calligraphy works in "The People's Favorite Calligrapher", "A Century of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy Classics" and "The Heritage Persons of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting". The Red Flag Publishing House Yan's calligraphy works are collected in the collection of 40 Years of Chinese Calligraphy. In order to commemorate the 94th anniversary of Ouyang Zhongshi's birth, Confucian businessmen in China, on the instructions of the Ministry of Culture, also let Zhang Shuyan and Ouyang Zhongshi publish a calendar of "The Great Works of Art Leaders Inheritance" this year. Frozen three feet is not a day's cold, Zhang Shuyan's calligraphy has made rapid progress, naturally has his reason。






Write with a brush since childhood

Anyone familiar with Zhang Shuyan knows that he writes with a brush. From elementary school to retirement, Zhang Shuyan insisted on writing with a brush. He wrote diaries, articles and even minutes of meetings sometimes with a brush, but that was just brush writing, not calligraphy. But carelessly insert willows and willows into the shade, this writing method is very helpful to grasp the brush and the feeling of calligraphy, especially for the fluency requirement of cursive script laid a foundation.

After retirement, Zhang Shuyan felt the great charm of calligraphy in his contacts with Yang Xiangyang, a famous contemporary Chinese painter and calligrapher. "His calligraphic attainments and theoretical height make me admire him very much. He has created nearly one hundred styles of calligraphy, including Li style, Wei stele momentum and seal script charm, as well as grass seal script and Xingli script. At that time, I copied his official scripts, regular scripts and running scripts, which were deeply influenced by him.

From then on, Zhang Shuyan began to copy the letters of famous calligraphers in successive dynasties, immersed in them, forgotten, even did not eat or drink for eight hours, from evening until 3 a.m. were not tired at all.






Wrapping a piece of paper is life

"Mao Zedong's characters and Yue Fei's calligraphy have their own extraordinary courage, while Wang Xizhi's characters are reflected in the refined brushwork of literati and refined scholars." Zhang Shuyan believed that most of the famous calligraphers in the past dynasties came from generals and historians, which was not accidental or nominal. The level of the realm of calligraphy came from the experience and perception of life. Real calligraphers are not only craftsmen who can write, they need to have a deep knowledge of Chinese traditional culture and self-cultivation.

Perhaps this is the so-called "word as its person". A man's handwriting reflects the way he walked, the books he read and the people he loved. Because of the special working environment, Zhang Shuyan joined the army for eighteen years. In the publishing industry for more than thirty years, he has run newspapers, magazines, books and booksellers. He knows how to operate and collect well. His calligraphy is also unique, which is why his characters are loved by many brand enterprises.

"In the world of calligraphy, the more you study, the more you feel ignorant and enthusiastic about learning." Zhang Shuyan usually has many opportunities to contact calligraphy art books, historic sites and calligraphy exhibitions. He cherishes these opportunities very much. Every time he goes to a place, he will find opportunities to go to the bookstore, especially the antique bookstore and the second-hand market to find treasures. He will go to places of interest to be edified and learn the essence of calligraphy art. In addition, Zhang Shuyan is also very fond of literature, history, philosophy and Chinese language. He believes that these are the soul of the art of calligraphy and the basis for its sublimation


Speech of the Two Sessions, Advice and Suggestions from Leading Figures in Calligraphy and Painting









Give full play to the charm of calligraphy and painting artists and make contributions to the development of Chinese culture.

Forty years of reform and opening up have taught us that Chinese culture is the cornerstone for the survival and development of the Chinese nation, the magic weapon for us to maintain national unity, rally the people's hearts and stimulate national aspirations, the weapon for us to overcome difficulties, constantly strive for self-improvement, forge ahead, and continue to carry forward and inherit Chinese culture. Our national policy is also the mission that the whole nation should faithfully fulfill. In contrast, painters and calligraphers should take on more responsibilities.

Calligraphers and painters are wonderful flowers in our country's cultural team, because most of their works are excellent works of Chinese culture. They can resonate with you and are admired by you. Many people take pride in owning their works. Many people take pride in hanging their works in mansions, lobbies and elegant rooms. In this sense, calligraphers and painters are inherited and admired. The best medium to carry forward Chinese culture.

The works of calligraphers and painters, especially those of calligraphers, are mostly the best works in the treasure house of Chinese culture and the cultural crystallization of Chinese culture for more than 5000 years. These works can not only give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also give people inspiration, edification, strength, shock, and cultivate people's soul. Imagine if everyone hangs calligrapher's ink in every elegant room, every office, every residence, every venue and every place where people come and go. What kind of feeling does it contribute to the promotion of Chinese culture?

To give full play to the unique charm of calligraphy and painting artists, it is necessary to organize them. There are many groups of calligraphers and painters in our country, but only a small part of the national team, a large number of masters are in the folk. Many of these masters outside the system are controlled by some so-called cultural media in society, and regard calligraphers and painters as a tool for making money. Not only did the painters lose a lot of money, but more importantly, they deviated from the direction and wasted their valuable resources. We should break the boundaries of the original system, organize the painters and calligraphers inside and outside the system well, and let them all contribute to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture on a fair and just platform.

We should strengthen the cultural education of calligraphers and painters, establish and improve the advanced culture of the painting and calligraphy team. In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the painting and calligraphy team has developed and expanded. However, the quality of the team is uneven, individualism, liberalism, money worship and usage doctrine still exist in varying degrees, which seriously affects the health of the painting and calligraphy team. Grow up. We should attach importance to the cultural construction of the painting and calligraphy team, improve the quality and quality of the painting and calligraphy team, enhance the sense of social responsibility and mission of the painting and calligraphy team, and strengthen the moral cultivation of the painting and calligraphy team, so that our painting and calligraphy team can become a team with real socialist consciousness, high social responsibility and moral quality.

To build an open exhibition and exchange platform for calligraphy and painting artists, so that they can better display their talents, calligraphy and painting artists are basically fighting for each other, not to say a scattered sands, but can be said to be guerrilla groups. The central and local governments should incorporate the ability of calligraphers and painters into the government's cultural development plan, step by step. Selecting and training a group of top calligraphers and calligraphers in a planned way, on the other hand, giving them stage, creating conditions for their talents, and giving full play to the charm of calligraphy and painting artists is mainly the charm of calligraphy and painting artists, and the charm of calligraphy and painting artists is not the end of their own calculations. What we want is character. An artist without character can't be included in history. Personality includes moral accomplishment, values and social responsibility, including whether or not to keep up with the pace of the times. Of course, the artists of calligraphy and painting are at least at the artistic level. Tens of millions of people write books and paintings. It is not easy for them to stand out. Calligraphers and painters should have a high standard and strive for this standard. In addition to writing well, we should learn more about Chinese culture, philosophy and aesthetics, study more places of interest and historical sites, and especially study celebrities'calligraphy and painting, which are the only way to improve the artistic level of calligraphers and painters. The art of painting and calligraphy is endless, there are days outside the sky, there are mountains outside the mountains, always on the road, the artists of painting and calligraphy must remember that they should not be arrogant and self-proud.

Reform and opening up have brought spring to the art of calligraphy and painting. We should seize this good opportunity to show ourselves and try our best to serve the times. To contribute to the revival of Chinese culture and the rise of China.